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Valves distributors: Assortment and selection, counseling, services and quality we can reasonably ask for


The number of valves distributors grows to growing of requirement for industrial valves in oil, petrochemical, chemical, mechanical and energy fields. This is quite a good news as it means that industry is really developing and asking for new materials, new productors and new reliable valves distributors and stockists.

So how can we select a trusted valves distributor? And what kind of services we can reasonably look for?


Variety and quality: why giving up?

Nobody wants to give up neither to assortment nor to quality. So let us ask for both to valves distributors. Variety is basic while designing a pipe system: we need different  type of valves –gate valves, check valves, globe and ball valves, flanges, etc…– and possibly of different sizes and materials. The most reliable valves distributors have therefore to be able to offer a huge or a good variety of elements.

More they can offer more we can choose between. Whitout forgetting to check a distributor that sells forged valves and cast valves. In pipelines, and mostly in an oil and gas system, we have to consider a large range of elements of different

  • function and destination (stop flow, divert or adjust flow, prevent backflow,etc.)
  • size
  • material
  • pressure resistence
  • temperature resistance

Then quality. We have to pay attention to all the warranties of reliability that valves distributors can offer. Have a look through services and facilitations offered to customers.

valves distributors

Valves distributors: facilitations and services to pay attention to

Always asking for high quality and possibly customized services. Valves and elements for an oil and gas system require total reliability and almost an ‘identity card’ of their performances and limits.

So look for distributors and stockists who can provide services as:


  • Pressure Test – Really mportant to have informations about pressure resistance of any type of valves we are projecting to use in a pipeline system.



  • PMI Test – The Positive Material Identification can check: correctness of the material used, content of alloying elements for a specific type of steel, the type of steel


  • NDE – The Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) process can:
    • detect the presence of defects or flaws in the material being examined
    • consider and measure different features and elements such as size, shape, orientation


  • End Connection Machining – This is a really qualifying service as we can buy elements that better fit to each part of the system.


  • Painting – Painting is an additional service that as much as coating or polishing we have to carefully consider when selecting valves distributors.


  • Flange machining This service is a ‘premium’ one because guarantees leak-proof seal when the elements are assembled.


Quality Certificates and manufacturing competence

Lastly, check quality certificates of valves distributors. A reliable distributor only represents strong and worldwide recognized companies and is able to satisfy the most strict requirement. A good supplier

  • knows how the productors he operates with work
  • can show documents about the products he distributes to confirm fetaures and performances
  • has kwoledge and skills to help customers choosing the rigth products

The most qualified valves distributors are also manufacturers: that means they know customers problems, they know materials, they can provide customers more solutions and above all customized solutions.


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