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Essential tips for selecting valves stockist - D.E.I. Italy

What are the most important services a valves stockist has to offer?


When  selecting a valves stockist, care should be taken to valves features we need and to the services a stockist can offer. There is nowadays a huge offering of valves for oil and gas industry and it is not always easy to choose those which fit each piping project. Let us make a short list of the essential tips for selecting valves and then talk about how to select a valves stockist.

valves stockist

Tips for choose valves

The two issues are closely related. We have to get our needs straigths, to make a list of essential features and then review valves stockists in the market, or, better, in the global market.


  • Valves function – ask ourselves which function the valves have to perform and we know what valves we need: gate valves, check valves, ball valves, globe valves and so on:
  • Stop flow
  • Divert flow
  • Adjust flow
  • Mix flow
  • Prevent backflow
  • Reduce pressure


  • Chemical compatibility – Chemical compatibility requirements are crucial informations. The valves materials have to be compatible with the liquids or the gases flowing through them.


  • Pressure and Temperature performance requirements – Check pressure and temperature ranges in which the system will work. This information will be usefull to prefer for example cast o forged valves.


  • Extra / special requirements – Mind every special needs of the piping system we are thinking about.


  • Ordinary maintenance – We have to, for example, consider that ball check valves require frequent maintenance, that globe valves have a simple structure and an easy maintenance, that gate valves do not require wide spaces.


Valves stockist services to look for

While selecting a valves stockist we have to examine his offering, paying attention to the complete range of supplì and to the services he can offer. Let us have a quick look.


PMI Test – The Positive Material Identification is applide in the oil and gas industry and concern checking of

  • correctness of the material used
  • content of alloying elements for a specific type of steel
  • the type of steel


Pressure Test – It is important to have test information about pressure resistance of any type and dimension of valves we are going to buy and use in a pipeline system. From the smallest to the largest valves we do need theese informations from a qualified valves stockist.


End Connection Machining – There are different types of connections used to install valves and also the end connection is important in a system. So, we do have to prefer a valves stockist that can offer a specific service of machining in order to have elements that better fit to each part of the system.


Flange machining This service is quite a pride for a supplier and for a stockist as it guarantees leak-proof seal when the elements are assembled.


NDE  – The Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) or Nondestructive Testing is a process that detects the presence of defects or flaws in the material being examined. It also considers and measures different features and elements such as size, shape, orientation.


Painting  – Painting as much as coating or polishing is an additional service we have to carefully consider when choosing a valves stockist.


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